You are a courtesan spending a few hours with the famed Lotus Prince—handsome, capricious, untouchable. Can you bring him to the peak of excitement without being able to touch him at all? 

- Uses procedural generation to flesh out your tête-à-tête with the prince.
- Features five different endings: two bad ends, and three—ah—explosively good ones.
- Actual game mechanics! (This is new for me!)

Originally created for the Weekly Game Jam 107: Don't Touch It. The game was finished just passed the submission deadline, but it's here for you in all of its janky glory.  Note: since it was made in 24 hours, I suspect that it's not 100% flawless, please let me know if you find anything that doesn't work or looks messed up.

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Updated 9 days ago
AuthorBenji Bright
GenreInteractive Fiction, Puzzle
TagsErotic, Gay, LGBT, Multiple Endings, Queer, Twine
Average sessionA few seconds


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Its quite nice. Do you planned to continue? I'ma give you a follow