This game contains explicit NSFW content—please be mindful.

There are thin spaces where the realms intersect. One such place is a refuge for people like you. It is a place of learning and experimentation, but it is not safe and you will not be coddled. Your choices will be yours to own, as will the consequences.

Would you still take up the charge?
If so, then welcome: Sorcerer.

You and three friends—each of you a talented sorcerer in his own right—encounter a mystical door. The four of you believe you have the skill to explore this artifact without danger. You are wrong. 

Suddenly thrust into a new world without the comforts of home, you will be forced to make strange new alliances, forge unexpected connections, and—most importantly—find your way home.

Doors is a gay erotic interactive fiction game designed in Twine. It's inspired in part by tales of magical students and the consequences of their adventures, but also the world hopping jaunts through altered vistas of shows like Sliders.


  • Experience a thoroughly queer adventure in text written by smut writer and fantastist Benji Bright.
  • Deepen your relationship with your fellow sorcerers as the demands of your situation pull you apart.
  • Explore hot/strange/funny/unsettling/[INSERT ADJECTIVE HERE] erotic content as you acclimate to a variety of worlds and their denizens.
  • Level up your sorcerer by training in FITNESS, CHARM, and TECHNIQUE (so far!)
  • Play the game for free on as it's updated with more worlds and more story content or support development by joining my Patreon for early subscriber builds, content polls, and behind-the-scenes treats (as well as weekly erotic fiction).

The Demo

As of May 2020, the demo currently contains one and a half sex scenes and the intro to the game. My next priority is filling in sex scenes for the other two lead characters before moving on to exploring the first world that the group inadvertently travels to.

Please submit bugs in the stickied thread or email me at


Q. Will there be erotic images/art in the game?
A. Not unless this game brings in significantly more than I'm expecting it will. At the moment, there are no plans to add art to the game. But if you'd like to make fan-art, please do so and let me know if you do! 

Q. What's the update schedule?
A. I expect to update the game once a month on, while patreon subscribers will have access to biweekly updates.

Q. What platform(s) do you recommend?
A. You'll need a modern browser and currently the game has an extremely lackluster mobile experience. It's on the to-do. Tablets, laptops, and PCs are probably your best bet for now. 


Doors Screenshot 1

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Current Patreon Version: 0.03B (6/27/2020)

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Updated 12 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorBenji Bright
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsErotic, Gay, Male protagonist, Queer, Twine, Wizards
Average sessionA few minutes

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