You're the sole cook at Lee Samson's Provisions and Home Style Cooking until a new guy is brought in by the owner to work alongside you. Do you make him feel welcome in the town of Pleasant or do you turn your back on him? Or, maybe, you have the hots for him. Your choice!

(Made for the #GayWesternJam hosted by Robert Yang)

    - Over a hundred ridiculous names.
    - A procedurally generated co-worker to drool over, befriend, or start a rivalry with.     - Four unique endings.
    - A sweet custom song called "Saloon Love G" by musician (and friend) Mike Sutjipto of Makeda!
    - Some sound effects, I guess.
    - Milquetoast critique of the capitalist economic model.

Current version 0.96 (See in-game changelog)

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